Spring Watercolors

My recent watercolor palettes

We have been making watercolor paintings for a Palouse Watercolor Socius (PWS) group show at the Moscow Chamber. I like to use a limited palette to help keep my colors vibrant: here are the two slightly different palettes I used recently (with extra trays for mixing)!

I have also been playing with the use of text in the compositions. PWS has rather strict rules about materials, so I am always looking for some unforbidden way to add energy.

(Left: Stargazer Lilies, 20 x 15 inches, watercolor with ink, $195.00; Right: Early March 2020, 20 x 15 inches, watercolor with ink, $195; contact me to purchase.)

Mandala Projects

MidSummer Mandala, 2020
(ink and watercolor)

My art making sometimes slows in the summer because of gardening and landscaping, really just another art medium.

This past year I have been following Julie Gibbons’ Alignment Mandala projects for the Celtic calendar (juliegibbons.com).  This one was for Mid-Summer. Later I made a similar one about diversity, for healing, with different colored flowers. It’s on display at the Dahmen Barn in November as part of the Palouse Watercolor Socius show. I’m enjoying the geometric precision of drawing tools combined with the loose energy of watercolor.

New Work in “We’ve Got the Blues” Show

Wax and Oil (blue abstract painting)
“Out of the Blue”

We’ve been learning to use cold wax medium with oil paint at the Artisans Barn in Uniontown, WA (Instructor: Vickie Edwards). It’s great for layering and textures. My piece that’s in the show is in this new (to me) medium.


painting of Mary Magdalene
“St. Mary Magdalene”

This was created at an iconography retreat at St. Gertrude’s Monastery in Cottonwood, Idaho led by Father Damian Higgins. Next week I will be in Boise at an iconography class taught by Deacon Matthew Garrett.